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Future Food Wednesday: A Step Towards Sustainable Eating

“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Neil Armstrong

Thankfully you do not have to land on the moon, every time you wish to make a meaningful contribution to mankind. WEF 2020 at Davos, just proved this point. 

An annual meet for business, governments, and civil society to discuss pressing global issues; Davos hosts 3000 people for four days each year. This year, WEF made its stance on sustainable eating loud and clear through Future Food Wednesday.  

Switzerland Goes Veg at Davos  

Rise in obesity among the European population backed by high animal protein consumption has already been highlighted as a serious health and climate concern. Through Future Food Wednesday, WEF aims at inculcating the values of a sustainable diet and food habits among the participants. 

By collaborating with regional suppliers, the Congress Centre Kitchen, and local chefs, organizers of WEF designed healthy and tasty meat alternatives. The decision to serve meat protein alternatives is undoubtedly a strong message; given that a total of 70,000 meals gets served during the event. The move towards a vegetarian sustainable diet is also expected to have a direct impact on SDG 3 and SDG 13 respectively.  

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What constitutes sustainable eating? 

  1. More of vegetables 
  2. Less of meat 
  3. Variety in food intake 
  4. Preference for local produce 
  5.  Less food wastage 

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Kitro: Using AI to Fight Food Waste 

In its bid to encourage sustainable eating the organizers of WEF had installed Kitro as well. An AI-enabled waste bin, Kitro documents the different types of food waste over a set period of time. Already being used by several hotels, it can reduce food waste by as much as 40%, saving close to $100,000 per year.  

Through the graphic representation of food waste, the smart bin will provide data-driven insights based on which the Forum can come up with a better designed sustainable food menu for the future. 

SDG Plus is committed to building communities focused on sustainable development and growth.    

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