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Understanding the world is the first step, but to find solutions, we need to work together. SDG Plus acts as a community collaboration and innovation platform, where anyone's voice can be heard, and their ideas become solutions. Through structured ideation workflows and focused, issue-based discussion and collaboration, SDG Plus focuses the brain power of the whole community towards finding sustainability solutions.


Browse our catalogue of online and offline courses. Choose from a diverse range of topics that are related to sustainability and sustainable development.

Connect, collaborate and learn at our real-world events, bringing you face-to-face with experts, practitioners, academics and the entire SDG plus community.

Learn about sustainability first-hand, by traveling and engaging through one of our boot-camps and study trips. Breathtaking way to experience sustainability!



So, how do we ensure sustainable financing can help us achieve the SDGs by 2030? Join our 5-part mini-series as we look to answer this very question.

We have limited to achieve sustainable development, and it is a tough road ahead. Come join us, and we tell you the story of sustainability and how we can overcome this challenge.

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