Details What if we could build cities that supported our current population without compromising on the needs of the future? By the UN’s estimate, more than half the world’s population currently lives in cities. In India, rapid urbanisation has led to crowding, sanitation issues, waste management problems, lack of affordable housing, etc. This has contributed
With sustainability becoming a buzzword over the last few years, more consumers than ever are becoming conscious about the companies they purchase from and the products they consume. However, this has also led to instances of greenwashing among companies. Greenwashing (or green sheen) is when companies try to deceive customers by portraying their products as
How can we promote gender equality in the workplace?
Think about it, if cis male leaders are simply called “leaders”, why are women called “women leaders”? Women make up roughly half of the population worldwide. Yet, UN data shows from 2019 shows no signs of gender equality in workplaces. Women hold only 28% of the managerial positions, which has remained consistent since 1995. The numbers
Key Discussion Points: Opportunities in integrating Sustainability as a long term business strategy.  Role of CHROs/CSR Heads/ L&D Heads in the Corporate Sustainability.  Challenges in communicating the sustainability agenda to the employees, staff, investors and other stakeholders.  The need for a community that enables discussions around sustainability and drives sustainability initiatives.  Importance of partnerships among