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Sustainable cities: challenges and the way forward

What if we could build cities that supported our current population without compromising on the needs of the future? By the UN’s estimate, more than half the world’s population currently lives in cities. In India, rapid urbanisation has led to crowding, sanitation issues, waste management problems, lack of affordable housing, etc. This has contributed to

Healthcare for all: promoting sustainable healthcare

With the world in a health crisis, it is now more evident than ever that a healthy life is a fundamental human right. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 3 aims to achieve good health and well-being across all the countries. But it is no secret that quality healthcare is expensive. In India, people have access

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Objective: Sustainability has become the buzzword for the Companies across the world and the importance of integrating sustainability as a business strategy for long term value creation and growth has caught the attention of industry leaders cutting across sectors. SEBI has mandated the top 1000 Companies to submit their Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR)