World Green Building Week - Ms. Mili Majumdar
World Green Building Week is a reminder to put on our green thinking caps  Climate change, today, is not a standalone topic of debate and discussion, but the backdrop against which the operations of all industries are examined and measured. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) estimates that around half the world’s population lives in regions
Sustainability and Sustainable Development
Sustainability and Sustainable Development: Can we do more? The concept of sustainability has been functional since the existence of ancient civilisation. From being aware of their unsustainable practices to pushing for the birth of sustainable practices, historically sustainability has been practiced for over thousands of years. Ancient civilizations and Sustainable Practices: Did they know about
Dr. Colin C-T
Our prospects are uncertain. Unsustainable growth, lifestyles and business activities are damaging the environment, reducing biodiversity, depleting natural capital, and contributing to global warming and climate change. The undesirable impacts of human behaviours upon the environment and their social consequences have reached potentially catastrophic levels. People want the benefits of unsustainable development and consumerism, but
Details Some call it a boon, others a bane; we call it a necessity. With the world pushed into a crisis because of human activity, it might now take innovative technological solutions to expedite the recovery. Smart tech like AI comes with the benefits of self-monitoring, analysis and reporting capabilities. It has already made waves